Developed by the several times streetboard world champion Christian Kamm in close collaboration with the world-beating streetboarders for the ultimate board feeling.
This binding, which has been constantly improved and worked on since 2006, has reached its absolut peak in quality, manifacture, longevity and function. The emphasis was placed on comfort, rapidness and the board feeling and that´s why the wold´s best boarders use Neobrain. Carefully manufactured in Germany this results in the latest model, the Neobrain Custom.

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G.P. is probably one of the most radical real street skater in the world and a true handrail killer. Nobody can fool him in the park and so he became world champion for the third time in succession in the discipline street. He lives in Passau and has been in the Neobrain Team since 2008.


He probably is the one who has been skating for the longest time. He is several times world champion in the disciplines street and big air. Thanks to his unbelievable talent he still belongs to the best of the world in spite of long breaks and he is the reigning world champion in the miniramp. He lives in the heart of France and has been in the Neobrain Team since 2006.


He has been part of the Dimension Pro Team since the beginning and he is several times word champion in the disciplines vert and miniramp. Even when it is too cold for the others or when everyone is hangoverish after the weekend, nobody can keep him from skating. He lives in Stuttgart and works for Ositos, where is responsible for the sales and distribution for Highland and Dimension in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.


C. B., probably the best streetboarder of France, lives and studies in Lyon. He is in the Highland Team and belongs to those boarders who possess the most style, speed and an unbelievable hangtime. At present he is in Budapest and he has been part of the Neobrain Team since 2007.


The allrounder Ole Treptow studies philosophy in vienna. He reached high esteem in developing Neobrain Bindings. With his technical advice he improved the quality and he became an absolutely essential part of the Neobrain-Team.


In 2006 I founded Neobrain as designer and developer because I couldn´t find a satisfying product on the market. Very frustrated I began developing and what came out was Neobrain Custom,
probably the best binding for the streetboard.
I live and study in Stuttgart and I constantly work on further developments of the product with a professional team.